In my newest series, FIRE & FLOOD, I’d say the thing I’m most excited about are the animal companions called, simply, Pandoras. Pandoras are genetically engineered animals that assist Contenders–ordinary people like you and me–in a race called the Brimstone Bleed. I don’t want to give too much away about the Pandoras, but suffice it to say they aren’t your everyday domestic pet.

Pandora 3

Generally speaking, Pandoras look like any animal you might seee in a zoo or even in your own home, but each creature is engineered by a Creator to have science fiction-like abilities. Pandoras are what give FIRE & FLOOD a magical element, because outside of them, the story is just a modern day thriller.

Pandora 1

Today, to celebrate introducing these creatures, I have a fun giveaway. I’d like to invite one person pick a Pandora that will appear in the FIRE & FLOOD sequel. I’ll randomly select a winner using Rafflecopter, but please try and be generic with your animal selection. Ex. Penguin or Tiger.

Best of luck and feel free to grab this fun little Pandora badge while you’re here:

fireflood_promo_iwantapandora_200x200 (3)


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