My readers are the very best. Know why? Because if they see I need something, they make it happen. Just like that. Light the fuse–BOOM! A few weeks ago, I pleaded with Dante lovers everywhere to help THE COLLECTOR reach 4,000 adds on Goodreads. And you know what happened? Yeah, that. It’s so crazy to think that one, two, three…four thousand people are planning to read my book.

But enough about my emotional outbursts. The people are owed what is rightfully theirs. An excerpt. An excerpt, I tell ya! You’ll be happy (I hope?) to know my editor is hack, hacking away at the excerpt now to ensure it’s shiny and sparkly and when she’s done–it’s yours. I’ll release it to the V Mafia as soon as I can, and they’ll spread the love from there. Unless they feel like keeping D-Dub all to themselves. In that case…umm….I’m sorry? Love you. Mean it.