Last week, the V Mafia revealed the cover to my debut middle grade novel, Hear the Wolves. In case you didn’t spy it on the interwebs, I’m posting it here in all it’s wolfish glory. When I first saw this beauty–as a quiet, whispering email attachment from my editor–I had no idea what to expect. As all authors do, I’d created covers in my mind. And as with my previous Scholastic covers, Nina Goffi delivered something radically different from anything I’d imagined. And it was epic.

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Book Club Box Giveaway

Prize Pack

Scholastic is giving away an absolutely incredible prize, and I just had to tell you guys about it. Right now, you can enter to win (5) signed copies of TITANS for you and your friends, (5) signed posters, (5) signed FIRE & FLOOD bookmarks, loads of candy, and as a bonus, after you and your friends read the book, you’ll receive a twenty-minute private Skype chat with me to ask any questions you have.

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Why I Turned Off Blog Comments

tweet overload

When I began writing both my blog and my first book, there was no one to read my words. I simply shouted into the oblivion, and it left me feeling hollow, and wondering whether anyone would ever read a single thing I wrote. So I did something that makes me feel physically ill to admit–I wrote fake comments on my own blog posts. *crawls into a hole and dies*

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Living with Less

Corn in spoon

When I told people I was moving across the country, most believed movers would come to our home, load our boxes and furniture into their mammoth truck, and meet us in Philadelphia the day we arrived. They’d be there to unload the truck hours after we landed in our new apartment, and we’d spend the day unpacking boxes and nomming on Italian subs (our moving day staple).

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Interview w/ Lori Goldstein


At a book festival some time back, I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Lori Goldstein. Her latest book, Circle of Jinn, releases in one short week, but you can watch the not-so-serious interview now to get excited about this must-read! What would you wish for if you had only one wish? Nothing serious! 😉

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